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Photo Candy Introduction and Best Alternative Apps for iOS and Android

Photo Candy Editor is one of the most popular photo editing apps, which is the part of the Candy Camera. However, there are many photo editing apps on market. Is this photo editor appropriate for everyone? Or who should get Photo Candy on mobile devices? In this post, we are going to answer these questions. Moreover, this photo editor is only compatible with iOS. That means Android devices cannot use it, no matter how attractive it is. Therefore, we will share more photo editors similar to Photo Candy app. In a word, you can learn about multiple excellent photo editors in this post.

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Introduction: Photo Candy

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If you are a selfies or photo art enthusiast, Photo Candy is a helpful tool. Its key features include:

1. It offers plentiful adjustable filters and photo effects.

2. The built-in photo editor integrates all necessary editing and adjustment tools.

3. Users could stylize their photos with various shapes, texts and stickers.

4. Save the edited photos in high quality or share them on social networks directly.

5. All filters, shapes, patterns, stickers and texts are editable.

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1. It is good at blending filters with the picture automatically.

2. Interfejs jest intuicyjny i łatwy w nawigacji.


1. Some features are only available in pro version.

2. Photo Candy does not support Android devices.

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Best Photo Candy alternatives

If you cannot use Photo Candy or not prefer it, you can find more options in this part.

1. Pryzmat

Prisma is a well-known photo art app. And as the best Photo Candy alternative, its main features include:

1. It is able to take pictures or import pictures from memory for further editing.

2. This photo editor contains over filters to turn your pictures to modern art.

3. These filters are changeable with custom options.

4. It is a photographer community too, allowing users to share their masters to other people directly.


1. This photo editor is free to use for both Android and iPhone users.

2. People could get more filters in Prisma Store.


1. The iPad version is paid app.

2. It cannot save HD photos in full resolution.

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2. Enlight

Enlight is a popular photo editor and many bloggers use it on their smartphones. Its basic features include:

1. Similar to Photo Candy, it includes extensive photo filters and effects.

2. The built-in Mask tool allows people to apply the photo effect on a part of the picture.

3. Besides the preset filters, people can blend two pictures to create special effects.

4. It is able to adjust tone, color and details of your pictures.


1. This photo editor is easy to use and well designed.

2. It is able to save outputs in full resolution.


1. It is an iOS exclusive photo editor and users have to purchase it in App Store.


3. Photo Effects Pro

As its name said, Photo Effects Pro is a collection of photo effects and filters. Its principal features include:

1. It contains over 40 filters and photo effects to make any photo unique, art or stylish.

2. People could use various text, stickers and patterns to decorate their pictures.

3. Like Photo Candy, Photo Effects Pro also offers basic photo editing tools.

4. It supports extensive output destinations, like photo gallery and social media.


1. This photo magic tool is free of charge.

2. Any editing process is re-editable at any time.


1. It is not available to iOS handsets.

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4. Camera360

Camera360 is the best Photo Candy alternative for selfies enthusiasts. Its impressive features include:

1. Include over a hundred filters to stylize and enhance pictures.

2. Decorate selfies with extensive stickers and create live face effects.

3. The built-in Face Fix function is able to soften faces usunąć skazy in portraits.

4. Apply multiple filters on one picture.


1. This photo editor is compatible with both iOS and Android.

2. Prosty interfejs ułatwia nawigację.


1. It will not save the results to photo gallery.

2. This photo-editing tool lacks basic photo editing features.

360 Camera

5. Bonfire Photo Editor Pro

Bonfire Photo Editor Pro is another prevalent photo editor app. Like Photo Candy Editor, this photo editor is popular among photo art fans.

1. It integrates more than a hundred HD photo filters and effects.

2. Users could edit, enhance and stylize their pictures using rotate, flip, and adjustment tools.

3. People could preview and compare the pictures before and after editing.

4. More importantly, this photo editor is able to optimize output file size based on your memory space.


1. The onscreen instructions make this photo editor easy to access to beginners.

2. Interfejs jest przyjazny dla użytkownika.


1. The effects are not changeable once you save the pictures.


Recommend: WidsMob Viewer

If you want to stylize photos on computers, WidsMob Viewer is the best Photo Candy alternative. It’s powerful but easy-to-use features include:

1. Apply popular photo effects on pictures in one click, like Sepia, Black and White, Antique and more.

2. Batched convert, rename or resize up to hundreds of pictures with no quality loss.

3. View pictures on local hard drives in full screen, slideshow or other modes.

4. Support all image formats, including RAW files.

5. Correct and organize pictures based on EXIF information.

6. Manage and search for pictures using advanced technology.

In short, Photo Viewer is not only a smart photo manager, but also a photo magician.

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We have introduced one of the most popular photo editors, Photo Candy Editor in this post. Unlike other photo editing apps, Photo Candy is a database of photo effects and filters. These effects are all designed by fancy and creative designers. So, it could convert any ordinary pictures to professional photographs. Moreover, this photo editor gives to complete control over each filter, pattern, shape and other element of the design. But if you have an Android phone or do not like Photo Candy, you can explore more choices in second part. Finally, we also recommend a powerful photo editor for Mac computers, WidsMob Viewer.