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Fliptastic - Best Photo Slideshow Maker for iPhone

Photos record people’s life. If there is a bunch of beautiful photos on your iPhone, you would want to make a photo slideshow so that you can share it to some social platforms like Instagram, or send it as a gift to one’s family, friends, or beastie. If you are still fishing around such a useful slideshow maker, it’s time to try an amazing photo slideshow maker - Fliptastic to create and share beautiful slideshows to Instagram.

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What is Fliptastic

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Fliptastic is a powerful photo slideshow maker for iPhone. This photo app is able to turn your photos into a flipping slideshow with photo filters, transitions and music. What’s more, you can share those awesome slideshows on Instagram, Facebook, and YouTube or simply via email. But what can this slideshow maker do for you?

  • Photo Editor: Crop, rotate, add text or apply filters to your photos;
  • Music Background: Add music background to your slideshow.
  • Transition: Cool animated transition can be applied to your slideshow, such as Slide, Blur, Flip, Swing and more.
  • Effects: Add effects Snow, Heart or Starry to your photos.
  • Share: Share to Instagram, Facebook, YouTube, or save to your camera roll.

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How to Make a Photo Slideshow with Fliptastic

If Fliptastic hasn’t been installed on your iPhone, please follow step 1 to complete installation and registration. Otherwise, skip to step 2.

Step 1. You should download Fliptastic first. Then sign it up and log in. Without login, sharing with friends will be disabled.

Step 2. Simply click Zrób pokaz slajdów button to start. Then select a way to import your photos. You are allowed to choose up to 100 photos from Camera Roll, Instagram or take new pictures using the built-in camera.

Step 3. After you import photos to Fliptastic, it’s time to edit those photos by cropping, adding caption, applying special filters and rotating. Remember: tap a photo to Edit, and tap & hold a picture to Delete or Rearrange.

Step 4. After you finish editing those pictures, click Next to make a video. In this Make Video step, you can modify the duration and add background music to your videos with Fliptastic soundtrack, or with music imported from your own music library. Besides, you can choose to apply some cool transition or special effects to the video.

Step 5: With all the factors modified and designed, your own video will be produced. You can upload the photo slideshow to Instagram, Facebook, and Youtube. Or send it as a gift via email.

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  • Fliptastic is a FREE slideshow maker for iPhone!
  • Lots of built-in resources, such as dozens of soundtrack, video effects and transition choices. Besides, you are allowed to make full use of your own music collection, which is remarkable!
  • An easy slideshow maker. Four clicks to complete and share a photo slideshow.
  • The default Instagram video duration has been extended to 60 seconds.


  • Fliptastic only has versions for iPhone and iPad, but not for Android and Windows phones.
  • As mentioned as a pro, users’ music collection can be imported as background music. It would be more attracting if users can add tiny and lovely widgets to their photos.
  • It’s a little pity that with Fliptastic users can only directly share their awesome slideshows to Instagram, Facebook and WhatsApp.